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Topic: Birth Control



Study Ties Essure Birth Control Implant to Greater Need for Reoperation
Device is already under scrutiny by FDA due to complaints of complications



Could Injection Be Used Someday to Spay or Neuter Pets?
Mouse study shows promise for alternative to surgical sterilization for dogs, cats



Mouse Study Hints at New 'Male Contraceptive'
Discovery could lead to a reversible, non-hormonal form of birth control for men, scientists say



Could Oral Contraceptives Help Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Only association was seen, and older women shouldn't take the pill to treat symptoms, experts say



U.S. Teens Waiting Longer to Have Sex: CDC
Report finds less than half of those aged 15 to 19 have had intercourse



Women Spend Far Less on Birth Control Because of 'Obamacare'
Out-of-pocket costs for 'the pill' fell 38 percent between 2012 and 2013, study finds



Obese Teens Less Likely to Use Birth Control
Heavy adolescent girls at greater risk for unintended pregnancy, study shows



Newer Birth Control Pills May Slightly Raise Blood Clot Risk
Study finds effect with brands such as Yaz, Yasmin and Desogen, but risk to any one user remains very low



Teen Use of Long-Term Contraception Rising, But Remains Low
U.S. government report says implants and IUDs are effective and safe options



Use of Long-Acting Birth Control Rises Fivefold in a Decade: CDC
IUDs and implants among the safest, most effective forms of contraception, experts say



IUDs, Contraceptive Implants Work Longer Than Thought, Researchers Report
Ongoing study shows they prevent pregnancy at least one year beyond their approved use



Modern Birth Control Methods Could Avoid 15 Million Unwanted Pregnancies: Report
Study of 35 nations shows underuse of current contraception options



Better Contraceptive Knowledge Can Aid in Safe Use of Acne Drug: Study
Effective birth control key in using the medication, which is linked to birth defects



Use of 'the Pill' Tied to Higher Risk for Rare Brain Cancer
But the odds of any one birth control pill user getting the tumor remain extremely small, experts stress



Depo-Provera Linked to Higher HIV Risk, Researchers Find
Whether 'birth control shot' increases risk or if risk is from less condom use isn't clear, expert says



The Pill Remains Most Common Method of Birth Control, U.S. Report Shows
But long-acting IUDs are gaining in popularity, experts note



As U.S. Economy Worsened, Vasectomy Rates Rose, Study Finds
National data shows a 28 percent rise in men opting for the procedure



Free, Long-Acting Contraceptives May Greatly Reduce Teen Pregnancy Rate
Study findings also showed abortion rate was three-quarters lower than the national norm in this age group



Pediatricians Endorse IUDs, Implants for Teen Birth Control
These methods are more reliable than condoms, birth control pills, experts say



Obama Administration Offers New Rules for Religious Objections to Health Care Law
Employees of companies opposed to contraception coverage would get products through a 3rd party



Some Birth Control Pills May Up Breast Cancer Risk
High-dose estrogen formulations linked to greater risk in women under 50, experts find



Study Links Vasectomy to Aggressive Prostate Cancer
But the finding doesn't prove cause-and-effect; urologists call for more research



Supreme Court: Some Companies Don't Have to Cover Birth Control
Victory for 2 family-owned firms that said Obamacare requirement violated their religious beliefs



Surgery Isn't Only Option for Women With Ovarian Cancer Genes
Breast-feeding, birth control pills and getting fallopian tubes tied may also cut cancer risk, study finds



Majority of Americans Support Obamacare Birth Control Provision: Survey
Nearly 7 of 10 favor universal health plan coverage for contraceptives



Irregular Periods May Be Risk Factor for Ovarian Cancer, Study Suggests
Preliminary finding might eventually offer clue to which women would benefit from early screening



Too Many Younger Teens Still Getting Pregnant: CDC
Girls aged 15 to 17 account for about one-quarter of teen births, report shows



Obesity, 'The Pill' May Raise MS Risk, Research Suggests
Early studies hint that certain hormones might be tied to inflammation, increased odds for multiple sclerosis



Merck to Offer $100 Million Settlement in NuvaRing Lawsuits
Merck will pay $100 million to settle thousands of lawsuits over NuvaRing birth control device



U.S. Abortion Rate Drops to Lowest Level Since 1973: Report
Researchers think that improved contraception methods, decisions to delay pregnancy explain trend



Obama Administration Stands by Contraception Rule
U.S. Justice Department resists court order exempting nuns from ACA birth control rule



Obama Administration Stands by Contraception Rule
U.S. Justice Department resists court order exempting nuns from Affordable Care Act birth control rule



Troubled Launch of 'Obamacare' Tops Health News for 2013
Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy, new heart care guidelines also made headlines



'The Pill' Tied to Raised Risk of Glaucoma
Eye disease more common among users of birth control pills, study finds



AAPS: Intravaginal Ring Offers Dual Protection for 90 Days
Ring contains drugs to prevent HIV transmission and pregnancy



Family Planning Program for Teens With Diabetes Effective
Greater knowledge and willingness to discuss reproductive health



Pill Effects on Breast, Ovarian CA Same in High-Risk Women
Risk the same as found in women in the general population



IUD Won't Hurt Future Fertility, Study Contends
Relatively high pregnancy rates follow birth-control device removal, preliminary research shows



Nearly One in Three Women Use 'Withdrawal' As Contraception
Higher rates of unintended pregnancy and emergency contraception use with withdrawal method



1 in 3 Young U.S. Women Uses 'Withdrawal' for Birth Control
But new study confirms that it's not good for preventing pregnancy



Free Postpartum Contraception Optimizes Pregnancy Intervals
Offering postpartum contraception to low-income women avoids short pregnancy intervals



New Rule for Contraception Coverage, Religious Bodies
Rule respects religious concerns of non-profit organizations while allowing contraception access



White House Unveils Final Plan on Coverage for Contraception
Responsibility shifts from religious employer to insurance companies



FDA OKs Sale of 'Morning-After' Pill Without Age Limit
Girls of all ages will now have easier access to the emergency contraceptive



Plan B Contraceptive Approved for All Females of Childbearing Age
No prescription is needed



FDA Approves Plan B for All Females of Childbearing Age
No prescription is needed



CDC Releases Modified Contraception Recommendations
Focus on safe and effective use of wide variety of contraceptive methods



U.S. Ends Effort to Limit Access to 'Morning-After' Pill
FDA will heed court order mandating that women, girls of all ages have over-the-counter access



Court OKs Non-Prescription Sale of Certain 'Morning-After' Pills
Two-pill versions of emergency contraceptive will be available while legal system decides the issue



U.S. Teen Birth Rate Plummets: Report
Since 1991, rate has dropped by nearly half, health officials find



AUA: Low-Dose Pill Linked to Chronic Pelvic Pain Symptoms
Low-dose OCP users also have increased incidence of pain or discomfort during or after climax



Low-Dose 'Pill' Linked to Pain During Orgasm, Study Finds
Women on low-estrogen formulations report more pain overall, and during sex



White House to Challenge Ruling on Unlimited Access to 'Morning-After' Pill
Move follows FDA decision that only women 15 or older could get emergency contraceptive without prescription



Obama Administration to Challenge Judge's Ruling on 'Morning-After' Pill
Move follows FDA ruling that females aged 15 or older could get Plan B drug without a prescription



FDA Approves 'Morning-After' Pill Without a Prescription
Females aged 15 or older to gain access to Plan B drug over-the-counter



Plan B Pill Approved for Sale Without a Prescription
For females aged 15 and older



IUDs Safe Contraceptives for Teens, Study Finds
Researchers conclude new intrauterine devices provide long-term, worry-free protection



Judge: Make Morning-After Pill Available to All Females
Until now, girls 16 and younger needed a prescription for the emergency contraception



Federal Judge Rules FDA Must Lift Restrictions on Plan B
U.S. must make 'morning-after' pill available over-the-counter for all without prescription



Repeat Births by Teen Girls Still Too High: CDC
20 percent are repeat births and these babies face health risks, agency says



Consensual Sex Typically Doesn't Begin Before Teen Years, Study Finds
Surveys find sexual intercourse, pregnancy more common at 14 and older



Study Examines Physician Prescription of Teen IUDs
Prescription affected by physician knowledge, skills, clinical environment, and attitudes



Worldwide, Contraceptive Prevalence Up Since 1990
Absolute number of women with demand for contraception likely to increase by 2015



Millions Still Lack Access to Modern Contraception, Study Says
One-fifth of married women in eastern, central and western Africa are without reliable birth control, research shows



Teen Pregnancy-Prevention Program Works, Study Says
Youth development is an essential component



Use of Morning-After Pill on the Rise: CDC
Dramatic surge seen in emergency contraception, especially among women between 20 and 24