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Health Tip: When Your Newborn Wants to Eat
Learn signs that it's time for a feeding

(HealthDay News) -- It may seem that your newborn is always hungry and crying for food.

The Mayo Clinic offers these tips for feeding newborns:

  • Offer a meal when your baby indicates hunger, rather than on a schedule. Expect a newborn to eat as often as 12 times per day. You'll know baby is getting hungry when she starts stretching, moving her lips or making a sucking motion.
  • Never feed a newborn anything other than breast milk or formula.
  • Talk to your doctor about whether your baby needs vitamin D drops.
  • Expect your newborn to eat different amounts and at different times of day, at least at first.
  • Don't worry too much that your baby isn't eating enough. Learn to trust your instincts.
  • Use feeding time as an opportunity to bond with baby.
  • When you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it from friends and family.

-- Diana Kohnle

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