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Preteen Girls Worry About Breast Cancer If It's in the Family
Doctor recommends honest discussions to alleviate distress
>> complete story

No Amount of Alcohol Safe During Pregnancy, Doctors Say
American Academy of Pediatrics issues new warning to women of childbearing age
>> complete story

Kids More Likely to Be Overweight If Mom Gains Too Much in Pregnancy or After
Child's weight influenced by environments in 'womb and living room,' expert says

Not All Large Breast Tumors Warrant Mastectomy, Study Says
Doctors shouldn't automatically rule out less invasive surgery plus radiation

Pill for Low Libido in Women Goes on Sale on Saturday
Flibanserin can cause low blood pressure, loss of consciousness; not recommended for use with alcohol

During Menopause, 'Good' Cholesterol May Lose Protective Effect on Heart
HDL cholesterol seems to change, and might encourage plaque build-up, research suggests

Study Ties Essure Birth Control Implant to Greater Need for Reoperation
Device is already under scrutiny by FDA due to complaints of complications

Many New Moms Still Lack Breast-Feeding Support at Work
Study finds less than half of workplaces have private space or enough break time to express milk


Health Tip: Stay Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy
And keep up healthy habits once your baby arrives

Health Tip: Pregnancy Affects Dental Health
See your dentist regularly

Health Tip: When Your Newborn Wants to Eat
Learn signs that it's time for a feeding